Florida Daycare and Child Care Forms

The following categories provide links to every form and application that governs the licensing, registration, training and accreditation processes of child care facilities and homes within the State of Florida. Categories consist of Applications, Background Screening, Provider, Training and Registration.


Relating to a child care facility or home:
Gold Seal Quality Care Accrediting Association
License to Operate a Child Care Facility
License to Operate a Child Care Facility – Mildly Ill Children
License to Operate a Family Day Care Home
License to Operate a Large Family Child Care Home
Registration to Operate a Family Day Care Home

Background Screening

Requirements for child care personnel:
Affidavit of Compliance for Child Care Personnel
Attestation of Good Moral Character (English)
Attestation of Good Moral Character (Spanish)
Background Screening and Personnel File Requirements


Requirements to operate a child care facility or home:
Accident / Incident Report (Sample)
Affidavit of Volunteers
Affidavit Regarding Volunteers
Application for Employment in Child Care Facility (Sample)
Authorization Prescription/Non-Prescription Medication
Child Abuse & Neglect Mandated Reporter
Child Care Application for Enrollment
DOH School Entry Health Exam
Fire Drill Record (Sample)
Health and Immunization Form / Blue & Yellow Form (Sample)
Physical Examination Form for Driver Applicant (Sample)
Safety Logs Indoor Outdoor Safety Inspection Logs (Sample)
Transportation Log (Sample)
Vehicle Inspection Form (Sample)


View and obtain a health and safety checklist:
Registered Family Child Care Home Health and Safety Checklist

Training and Credentialing

Requirements to work in a child care facility or home:
Director Credential Application
Director Credential VPK Endorsement Application (OEL)
In-Service Training Record (Facilities)
In-Service Training Record (Homes)
FCCPC Provider Application (Birth – Five)
FCCPC Provider Application (School – Age)
How to Earn CEU’s for DCF Child Care Courses
Staff Credential Application
Training Transcript Update Form

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