What Family Daycare Forms Are Needed to Send a Child to Daycare

by admin on April 9, 2015

What Family Daycare Forms Are Needed to Send a Child to Daycare
When sending a child to daycare, several forms are requested by childcare providers. Daycares may use various versions of the forms but for the most part each daycare provider should use similar information. These forms are important in order for the daycare provider to have as much information as possible to provide the best care possible for each child.

Child Registration Form
The Child Registration form is a one page reference of information that the provider can look at to see the child’s name, address, date of birth, and the name and phone numbers of the parent/guardian. It should include physician name, address, allergies, and emergency contact. This form includes some of the information contained in the Child Profile and Information Update forms but should not replace them.

Child Profile
The Child Profile form gives detailed information about each child. This form is very important because it gives the provider an insight of the children in their care. It should contain information such as food preferences; food allergies; current medications; past illnesses and personal habits. It should also contain information about the child’s home life, if there are siblings in the home, if the child is from a single parent home, same-sex parents, any information that would be helpful for the childcare provider to better understand the child.

Information Update Form
The Information Update form is used to give the provider up-to-date on address, phone, and other pertinent information regarding the child. This form should have the information on how to reach the child’s parent/guardian, who to call in an emergency, the child’s physician and any other pertinent information such as who is permitted to pick up and/or visit the child while he/she is at daycare. This form should also include who to call in the case of an emergency when the child’s parent/guardian is not able to be reached.

Consent for Emergency Medical/Dental Treatment
Consent for Emergency Medical/Dental Treatment is signed by the parent/guardian, allowing the daycare provider to seek medical and/or dental care on an emergency basis.

Immunization Record
Daycare providers are required to keep up-to-date records of immunizations for each child in their care. Requirements vary by state.

Medication Release
The Medication Release form requests detailed information from the parent/guardian for any medications the child is to be given, and gives the daycare provider permission to administer as instructed.

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